Illuminate the creative process with writings that shatter the myth of the inarticulate artist forever, guest curated by accomplished artists from their respective fields.


guest curator: Leslie Erganian

The Writings of a Savage Paul Gaughin

Manifesto of Surrealism Andre Breton

Vincent van Gogh H. Anna Suh

The Diary of Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo

Jazz Henri Matisse

Monet’s Table Claire Joyes

The Artist in his Studio J. K. Liberman

On Photography Susan Sontag

About Looking John Berger

On Beauty Robert Adams


guest curator: Dr. Wolfgang Wagener, AIA, RIBA

De Architectura Vitruvius

The Four Books of Architecture Andrea Palladio

Vers Une Architecture Le Corbusier

Studies and Executed Buildings Frank Lloyd Wright

Complexity & Contradiction in Architecture Robert Venturi

Body, Memory & Architecture Kent Bloomer, Charles Moore

A Pattern Language Christopher Alexander

Architecture for the Poor Hassan Fathy

L’Architettura della Citta Aldo Rossi

Architecture: A Modern View Richard Rogers

Cities for a Small Planet Richard Rogers

The Grand Tour Harry Seidler


guest curator: Peter Dennis, actor

A Challenge for the Actor Uta Hagen

The Mystic in the Theatre Elenora Duse

The Stage as a Career Clifford Turner

Sense of Direction: The Director & His Actors John Fernold

Building a Character Constantin Stanislavski

My Life in Art Constantine Stanislavski

To The Actor Michael Chekhov

Voice and Speech in the Theatre J. Clifford Turner

Voice and the Actor Cicely Berry & Peter Brook

Sing as we Go: The Autobiography of Gracie Fields


Hitchcock Truffaut F. Truffaut & Helen G. Scott

Catching the Big Fish David Lynch

Chuck Amuck: Animated Cartoonist Chuck Jones


The Elements of Style William Strunk Jr., E.B. White

Letters to a Young Poet Rainer Maria Rilke

A Literate Passion Henry Miller & Anais Nin

Diaries of Anais Nin Anais Nin

Selected Writings Ralph Waldo Emmerson

The Writer’s Desk Jill Krementz


How to See George Nelson

Art & Visual Perception Rudolf Arnheim

Geometry of Design Kimberly Elam

Visual Explanations Edward Tufte

Powers of Ten P& P Morrison, C&R Eames

Humble Masterpieces Paola Antonelli

The Creative Habit Twyla Tharp

A Natural History of the Senses Diane Ackerman

John Dewey: The Lessons of Art Philllip W. Jackson

State of the Arts: California Artists Barbara Isenberg


The cinematic arts add time, sound, sequence and scale to the other elements of art to deliver a one-two punch of truth and beauty that is a powerful feast for the senses. These films and filmmakers have a lot we can learn from.


A selection of more than two dozen fantastic films about the lives of artists ordered in reverse chronology and linked directly to IMDB, The Internet Movie Database. Some are straight up documentaries, while others are fictionalized interpretations. Every film on this list is a true stand out and worth your while to seek out and find.

2005  Sketches of Frank Gehry

2004  Modigliani

2003  Girl with a Pearl Earring

2003 My Architect

2003  American Splendor

2002  Frida

2000 Pollock

1999 Goya in Bordeaux

1999  Cradle Will Rock

1998 Love is the Devil

1997  Artemesia

1996 Basquiat

1996 I Shot Andy Warhol

1996 Surviving Picasso

1994  Crumb

1991 Van Gogh

1991 Roy Lichtenstein

1990  Vincent and Theo

1990  Life & Times of Andy Warhol

1987   In the Belly of an Architect

1986  Caravaggio

1982  Draughtsman’s Contract

1986  Camille Claudel

1965  The Agony and the Ecstasy

1964  F for Fake

1956 Lust for Life

1956 The Mystery of Picasso

1952 Moulin Rouge

1936  Rembrandt


I always say that if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then, at 24 frames per second, every film is worth over a hundred million words. That density of experience, comes from the visuals, often under-reviewed, but working their emotional magic nevertheless. This particular list of directors have the gift, not only of script and word, but of painting richly evocative stories with shadow and light fixed in celluloid, or more often these days, in ones and oughts.

David Lean

John Ford

Jane Campion

Peter Wier

Robert Altman

David Cronenberg

Cohen Bros.

Oliver Stone

Merchant Ivory

Francis Ford Coppola

Stanley Kubrick

Roman Polanski

David Lynch

Alfred Hitchcock

Julie Taymour

Ridley Scott

Orson Welles

Martin Scorcese

Tim Burton

Terry Gilliam

Guillermo del Toro

Julian Schnabel

Woody Allen

Terrance Malick

Steven Spielberg

Yimou Zhang

Alfonso Cuaron


There are a handful of films whose use of a particular color is so literate and evocative, they are worth a particular mention. The use of color in these films was not only to attract attention as color is want to do, but to summon certain feelings, suggest unspoken alliances, evoke a specific era, or foreshadow a cinematic direction. It’s no accident that many of the directors who made the cut, are themselves visual artists.

2004 | Vanity Fair (orange)

2003 | Lost in Translation (pink)

2002 | Catch Me If You Can (blue)

1997 | Wings of a Dove  (cobalt)

1995 | A Little Princess (green)

1994 | The Mask (green)

1992 | Bram Stoker’s Dracula (red)

1991 | Raise the Red Lantern (red)

1990 | Dick Tracy (primaries)

1986 | Blue Velvet (primaries)

1987 | Fatal Attraction (white)

1980 | Elephant Man (black+white)

1978 | Days of Heaven (gold)

1972 | Godfather (sepia)

1974 | Chinatown (sepia)

1975 |  Barry Lyndon (pastels)





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